Body Imagineering – private session

Do you know you have the power to create the life you truly desire? A life that brings out the best in you and the ones around you? A life unbound, in freedom and joy? And that it is also possible to create your next best bodily expression of you that supports this vision…?

Maybe your heart says ‘Yes’!!! But your mind starts firing questions like ‘Well you maybe right, but how?’ and ‘How can that be possible with the challenge I am facing? I’ve been trying for so long, I find it hard to believe it is ever going to happen.’

Or it could be that you actually feel pretty okay, but there is a nagging voice in the background whispering ‘Is this all there is? Do I settle for where I am at now? Or what’s next for me?’

"A life without limitations, in freedom and joy"

What can you expect?
In this session we first tune into your question, set an intention and investigate the perceived obstacles.
Then we start working with one or a combination of the following techniques:

  • NeuroMovement (a gentle touch- and movement method, based on neuroplastic principles, that builds or rewires patterns in your brain. Imagination is one of the main essentials of this line of work.)

  • Healing Touch (a comprehensive form of energy work that helps fine-tune your subtle and energetic bodies)

  • Mind clearing (if you have a restless mind or are prone to overthinking, this technique will help you find instant release, inner calm and peace)

  • Energy transmissions
    (enhancing and stabilizing you in your true essence)

At the end of the intensive sessions we take time to reflect and integrate your experience.

There is only You!
Choose your next level wisely and courageously! I am more than happy to guide you in this process and I can help you create the physical expression of you that supports you in your next endeavors.

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"There's only you!"

What does it cost?
A Body Imagineering private session can be done both hands-on or online (through Zoom). A session takes 55 minutes and your investment is €90,-

For whom is it useful?
There is only You is for anyone willing to take the next step, whether you feel way low down, slightly up the hill or closely to the top of your ability or next expression.

(I have experience working with severely disabled, chronically ill, people with sleeping issues, high blood pressure, brain injuries, herniated discs, knee problems, back-, shoulder- and neck-pain, headaches, muscle tightness, slight pains or convictions that interfere with daily performance, you name it….. And by the way: you don’t have to be sick to get better! So if you are already feeling good, but would love a slight or big push to the next level you are more than welcome!)

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