Body Imagineering

Do you long for:
  • Being comfortable in your own skin
  • Having a clear direction
  • Following your own heart
  • More energy

BodyImagineering serves you to find your best bodily expression of self, whether that is calm or full of fire, flexible or steadfast, gentle or empowered, or "all of the above’ whatever suits you at any time.

Beyond doubt you will feel so at ease within yourself, be inspired to move in new directions and find the possibilities to express what is in your heart. And on top of that you will experience more energy than you’ve dared to dream of before. 

Minds that go together, grow together

            • Body Imagineering in a group (online), €99 a month

            • 4 online live sessions (90 minutes): training and Q&A

            • Homework assignments

            • Participation in small groups through Telegram

            • Ask your questions on the Telegram chat

Be moved, be free

            • Workshop (in co-creation with Sensefullness, Steven van Rijn)

            • Learn the art of letting go and moving in freedom

            • NeuroMovement lessons
            • Sensefullness training

There is only You

            • Body Imagineering - private session (online or hands-on), €90 for 55 minutes

            • intake conversation

            • session (using several methods and techniques dependent on underlying question / intention, among others: NeuroMovement, Healing Touch, Mind clearing, energy transmissions)

            • integration

Maximize your potential

            • Body Imagineering - private intensive (hands-on)

            • 6 private sessions in a week, 45 minutes a session, €420

            • break through deep seated patterns

            • create a foundation for your next highest expression

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