Body Imagineering - private intensive (hands-on)

If you are ready to make a leap in your next expression of embodiment, then a private intensive of Body Imagineering will serve you most. A gradual path has its value for sure….Yet if you are excited for faster expansion, then a series of private sessions of Body Imagineering will shoot you forward instantly. Because the body-mind-spirit-complex has had such programming since birth, it is very fruitful to rebuild , recreate, and transform it in a way that falling back into old stories and configurations is barely or not even possible.

"Are you ready for a big leap of faith?"

What can you expect?
The general intention is to Maximize your Potential in order to assist you to break through deep seated patterns and create a foundation for your next highest expression of embodiment. Before we start with the intensive, we take time to set a more personalized intention and investigate what has been holding you back. We also tune in to your preferred style of learning so that the techniques we use suit you best.

We work with one or a combination of the following techniques:


    • NeuroMovement: a gentle touch- and movement method, based on neuroplastic principles, that builds or rewires patterns in your brain. Imagination is one of the main essentials of this line of work.

    • Healing Touch: a comprehensive form of energy work that helps fine-tune your subtle and energetic bodies.

    • Mind clearing: if you have a restless mind or are prone to overthinking, this technique will help you find instant release, inner calm and peace.

    • Energy transmissions: enhancing and stabilizing you in your true essence.

At the end of the intensive sessions we take time to reflect and integrate your experience.

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What does it cost?

Maximize your Potential, Body Imagineering – private intensive, consists of:

  • 6 hands-on sessions in a week
  • 45 minutes a session

    Costs €420,-

For whom is it useful?
Maximize your Potential is not for the faint of heart but for the bold and courageous. If you dare to break through deep seated patterns that prevent you from living fully, then take this opportunity. In a short amount of time you will create a foundation for you next bodily expression/upgrade. If you feel an urge or call for this kind of intensive approach but never have dared to take a big leap of faith, then this might also be for you… The only first step is to give me a call or send me a message.

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