My mission.

My mission and what excites me the most is for people to be moved by the 'power of gentle'. That can take many forms and ways of guiding and would result essentially in the most powerful body expression through your authentic state of being.

"Be moved by the power of gentle"

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Body Imagineering explores and strengthens the connection between Consciousness and the Body by using Imagination and other neuroplastic principles, energetic exercises, meditation and creative games.

BodyImagineering serves you to find your best bodily expression of self, whether that is calm or full of fire, flexible or steadfast, gentle or empowered, or "all of the above’ whatever suits you at any time.

Beyond doubt you will feel so at ease within yourself, be inspired to move in new directions and find the possibilities to express what is in your heart. And on top of that you will experience more energy than you’ve dared to dream of before.

Power of Gentle.

There is no doubt that you will feel good in your body, see your direction much more clearly and find the possibilities to follow your heart. And you will experience much more energy than you ever dared to dream.



BodyImagineering means fine-tuning your instrument in an easy and playful way

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