Hi, my name is Judith,

I was born as “a rag doll” on one of the hottest days of summer in 1971. Low muscle tone plagued me in early life….I still had trouble sitting and keeping my balance on my first birthday. And it wasn’t until I was 7 that I could bike without my father running next to me. In other areas I developed very well, so nobody worried. But gymnastics and sports never got an A-grade. I was granted a C (maximum) because of my efforts and perseverance.


Flash-forward: thirty two years later. I gave birth to a beautiful son named Mees. When he was three months old he developed meningitis that caused a severe brain injury. I was devastated to say the least and went on a search to increase his quality of life. I studied massage, healing touch and eventually found NeuroMovement, a gentle movement and touch method that creates new pathways in the brain.

As much as my focus was on helping him, I was transformed in the process quite profoundly. The frustration I felt in my childhood years concerning my physical expression, and the immense struggles I had with my son’s disability, little by little morphed into feeling joyful about living life with ease and grace including the body. Today I even love sports.

"My personal challenges have inspired me to help people move beyond their perceived limitations."

Power of Gentle.

Now I feel inspired to help people move beyond their perceived limitations and create their next bodily expression of themselves through BodyImagineering. And I know that that can be done without effort, working hard, or having to prove yourself. The opposite is actually true: you will be amazed what is possible for you with ease, play, imagination, energy work and meditation. Come play, feel better and let yourself be moved by the power of gentle!

Looking forward to meeting you soon.



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